Ramos Graduation

Congratulations to Dr. Enrique Ramos! The Druley lab graduated its first student on April 8th, 2015 as Enrique Ramos, in the Molecular Genetics and Genomics graduate program, successfully defended his thesis entitled, “Characterizing rare genetic and epigenetic variation in complex phenotypes.” During his graduate studies, Enrique first authored two peer-reviewed […]


Visit from Kellsie’s Hope Foundation

The Druley lab is supported by generous donations from the Kellsie’s Hope Foundation. This is the third year that the Druley lab has received funding from this charity organization.

Kellsie's Hope Foundation

Error-Corrected Sequencing Uncovers the Role of Early TP53 Mutations in Therapy-Related AML

The Druley lab has developed methods for error-corrected sequencing (ECS) to identify rare subclonal populations of cells by their specific somatic mutation profile. These methods were implemented through a collaboration with Dan Link to study the role of TP53 mutations in the development of therapy-related AML (t-AML) and therapy-related MDS (t-MDS). This […]